OLG Announced Sports Betting Partnerships with NHL and NFL

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The OLG Announced Sports Betting Partnerships with NHL and NFL

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) released a report into the future of gambling in the province, including sports betting plans. The OLG will partner with NHL and NFL teams to promote and support their branding. In an interview, one of the study’s authors said they’re “exploring opportunities” to set up a sports betting league in Ontario.

The OLG’s New Partnerships

The OLG has announced sports betting partnerships with the NHL and the NFL. These partnerships will allow the OLG to offer sports betting products to its customers in Ontario. The OLG is excited to offer these new products to their customers and believes these partnerships will benefit both the OLG and the NHL/NFL.

What is Sports Betting?

Sports betting is the act of wagering on the outcome of a sporting event. Sports bettors place their bets on the results of games and events, and they can win or lose money depending on the outcome of those games and events.

The partnerships with the National Hockey League (NHL) and the National Football League (NFL) that will allow sports betting in Ontario. These partnerships will enable the OLG to offer legal, regulated sports betting in Ontario through its Pro-Line program.

The OLG is the only legal provider of gambling in Ontario and is responsible for all aspects of gambling in the province, including online and retail lottery products, casino gaming, horse racing, and charitable gaming. In addition, the OLG has been offering Pro-Line wagering on horseracing and sports events for over 20 years.

Under the new partnership agreements, the NHL and NFL have each granted the OLG exclusive rights to use their logos and trademarks in connection with sports betting in Ontario. The OLG will also have access to information about NHL and NFL games that will be used to help set odds for Pro-Line wagering.

The NHL partnership agreement also includes a revenue-sharing arrangement, under which a portion of proceeds from sports betting will be paid to the NHL. The NFL agreement does not include revenue sharing.

Why are these partnerships meaningful?

These partnerships will allow the OLG to offer legal, regulated NHL and NFL sports betting in Ontario. This is an essential step in the growth of gambling in the province. It will also give Ontarians more opportunities to bet on their favorite sports.

The OLG is committed to offering all Ontarians a safe and responsible gambling experience. These partnerships will help to ensure that Ontarians have access to legal, regulated sports betting options that exceed standards of safety and responsibility.

The Future of Sports Betting

There is no doubt that sports betting is on the rise in North America. With the legalization of sports betting in many states across the US, and the continued growth of legal sports betting in Canada, it is clear that this industry is here to stay.

The announced partnerships with the NHL and the NFL, is a huge move for the Canadian gambling industry, opening up a new market for potential revenue.

The OLG has stated that they will work closely with both leagues to ensure that all bets are made in a regulated and safe environment. This is good news for both sports betting fans and those concerned about the potential risks associated with gambling.

With these new partnerships in place, it is clear that the future of sports betting in Canada is bright. These deals will only help grow the industry even further, and we can expect to see more provinces follow suit soon.