Caesars Lawsuit Claims Shorted Change

Written By Janice Doughtrey

A Shreveport man is seeking class-action status in a lawsuit against Caesars Entertainment, Inc. claiming that the Las Vegas-based casino conglomerate shorted customers out of millions in cash for over a decade.

Mike had a problem with the Caesars-owned Horseshoe in Bossier City on 2021. He filed a lawsuit against them in the Western District of Louisiana.

Caesars Lawsuit

The lawsuit claims that Caesars has been taxing its players by manipulating their cash-out system, which is something they should not have done. It also alleges numerous other claims including breach of contract and unjust enrichment.

This lawsuit is derived from the complaint that today’s machines spit out vouchers for a dollar less when players cash out. These vouchers can be redeemed at kiosks for exact change, but Young says that for the last few years, Defendants have been not giving their customers the change they deserve. “For the last few years, Defendants have intruded on hundreds of thousands or millions of Gaming Vouchers, essentially robbing their customers a few cents at a time – on millions of transactions.”

Class Action Claim Against Caesars Casinos

Basically the suit claims that the kiosks are keeping the change by rounding down to the next dollar. When it gets up to millions of transactions over ten years, that’s quite a substantial claim.

The suit further claims that Caesars did not disclose to players any information about kiosks rounding down.

Young is attempting to certify a class of claimants as that were visitors to any Caesars owned casino between September 23, 2012 to present who were deprived of their CHANGE by Defendant.

A class-action lawsuit is a lawsuit that poses the claims of many people against one defendant who allegedly has caused harm.

The plaintiff in this suit looks forward to having his day in court where a jury will determine whether the casino’s practices of keeping the change affected their patrons.