The AGCO applies a “zero-tolerance” requirement for gaming affiliates in Ontario

Written By Michael Whitlatch

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission has updated their guidance for advertising on online gambling in accordance with Ontario’s new online gambling laws.

The Commission wants to clarify the rules and standards for marketing of third party affiliates such as media partners that promote Ontario licensed operators.

In Ontario, there are laws against the use of targeted ads.

Inducements are promotional offers that encourage people to join gambling games using incentives. These might offer a cash reward, or the chance for higher odds for winning the bet.

OAGC penalises marketers for providing incentivizing marketing messages, regardless of how they implement it- be it directly or indirectly.

To get a promotion, the consumer has to go to the licensed operator’s website.

Licensed operators are able to market and offer bonuses to their players directly and only where consent has been established.

The regulation states that third parties must be compliant with Ontario advertising rules and standards.

The AGCO applies a “zero-tolerance” requirement for gaming affiliates in Ontario. A marketing affiliate cannot advertise any gaming sites operating in Ontario without AGCO registration. The responsibility for checking with these affiliates lies with the operator.

After Ontario’s online gambling, we found that some operators have not been following the Ontario AGCO’s recommendations.

The AGCO applies a “zero-tolerance” requirement for gaming affiliates in Ontario.

With the legalization of recreational cannabis expected to take effect in Canada next year, many farmers and agricultural businesses are gearing up for the change. One area where they may need to brace themselves is with gaming affiliates – those who promote products and services related to gaming.

What is AGCO’s Zero-Tolerance Requirement?

AGCO has recently announced that all gaming affiliates in Ontario must adhere to a zero-tolerance policy for any type of inappropriate activity. This means that affiliates will be removed from the network and banned from future opportunities if they are found to be in any form of inappropriate or illegal activity.

What this means for you as an affiliate is that you need to be aware of what is and is not allowed, and make sure that your activities fall within the boundaries set by AGCO.

Inappropriate activities could include promoting gambling, playing on behalf of others without their permission, or any other behaviour that AGCO deems inappropriate. If you have no clue if an activity is appropriate, please contact AGCO for clarification.

The Zero-Tolerance Requirement will be in place until further notice, so make sure that your affiliate marketing activities are compliant with AGCO’s policies before getting started.

What Affiliates Will Be Affected by the Change?

The AGCO applies a “zero-tolerance” requirement for gaming affiliates in Ontario. The only affiliates that will be allowed to operate under this policy are those that are registered with the AGCO and comply with all requirements. This includes having a valid license, being compliant with all applicable regulations, and having a responsible gaming policy. Affiliates who do not meet these requirements will be shut down.

This change is significant for two reasons. First, it limits the number of gaming affiliates that can operate in Ontario. Second, it emphasizes the importance of responsible gaming policies by requiring affiliates to have one in place. Affiliates that fail to meet these requirements may find their operations shut down completely.

This change is unlikely to have a large impact on most affiliates currently operating in Ontario. However, it is important for affiliates to understand the new requirements in order to avoid any potential issues.

How Will Affiliates Deal With the Change?

Affiliates of gaming sites that are based in Ontario will have to follow a new “zero-tolerance” policy when it comes to promoting specific games or activities. The AGCO, the government body that regulates gambling in the province, issued a statement saying that affiliates are no longer allowed to promote specific games or activities. Instead, they must focus on promoting the site as a whole.

This change is likely to affect affiliate programs for popular online casinos and poker sites. Sites that are not based in Ontario may still be able to affiliate with Ontario-based sites, but they will need to comply with the new rules if they want their links to be accepted.The policy change is likely to result in affiliate programs for Ontario-based sites being closed down. Affiliate programs are an important part of the gambling industry, and this change could mean a loss of income for many affiliates.

What Are the Implications of the Change?

The AGCO is implementing a “zero-tolerance” requirement for gaming affiliates in Ontario. This change has significant implications for the gaming industry and affiliate marketing programs. Here are five key takeaways:

1. The new regulation will result in the termination of any affiliate program that engages in prohibited activities, including but not limited to rewarding players for spending money without providing corresponding benefits to consumers.

2. Affiliates who violate the regulation may be subject to fines of up to $25,000 per occurrence.

3. The AGCO is targeting so-called “black hat” affiliates – those who engage in prohibited activities in order to drive traffic to their programs – rather than “white hat” affiliates who provide genuine value to their customers.

4. The new regulation will have a significant impact on the affiliate marketing landscape in Ontario, as many affiliates will likely need to reevaluate their programs if they want to stay compliant.

5. The AGCO has provided some guidance on how affiliates can comply with the new regulation, but there is still much uncertainty surrounding it and how it will be implemented in practice.


The AGCO (Alcohol and Gaming Commission) has announced that it is applying a “zero-tolerance” requirement for gaming affiliates in Ontario. This means that any affiliate who engages in any form of deceptive or misleading advertising will be subject to penalties, termination of their affiliation with the AGCO. The government agency is making moves to crack down on fraudulent practices associated with online gaming.