CDI has signed with Fanduel

Written By Michael Whitlatch

CDI has signed a content and sponsorship agreement with Flutter, which owns FanDuel.

CDI has partnered with FanDuel to provide a business-to-business technology and service. Under the terms of the deal, CDI will provide new technology and services for FanDuel’s sportsbook, which includes horse betting features.

The deal gives FanDuel rights to Kentucky Derby sponsorship and broadcasting property content. US-based users will also be able to place bets on horse racing content, and CDI will have access to broadcast FanDuel content on their new television network.

CDI subsidiary United Tote will be paid by FanDuel to provide them with a wagering system. CDI previously agreed to sell 49% of United Tote to the New York Race Association, which is expected to be completed before the start of the new year.

The CEO of FanDuel, Amy Howe, points out the benefits of providing a more cohesive product service.

With FanDuel TV, they can offer a seamless betting experience with a single wallet. In addition, customers can now access mainstream sports and premium racing content with the same account on the best odds site in the US.

With the new agreement, FanDuel will be able to provide sports fans with live content and exclusive broadcasts of Churchill’s family of tracks.

The CEO of CDI is looking forward to providing FanDuel with quality horse racing content.

FanDuel will help deliver horse racing content and solutions to many new fans with its market approach.

FanDuel and CDI announce their deal.

With the announcement of its Q2 earnings, CDI plans to change Twin Spires only to be used for businesses.

“We have extensive horse racing knowledge, so we can seamlessly integrate pari-mutuel wagering into existing sports betting platforms.”

CDI was planning to stop its online sports betting business, but two other significant competitors entered the playing field, and CDI realized that the market was too competitive.

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