Quickfire to Deploy Genesis Gaming’s Ragnarok Video Slot in Canadian Casinos

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Genesis Gaming is about to deploy a Ragnarok-themed video slot at online casinos via the Quickfire gaming platform. Quickfire is Microgaming’s quick integration technology for HTML5 built and Flash-based slot games. This means Canadian online and mobile slot players can expect to find the Ragnarok video slot accessible at their favorite Microgaming online casinos any time soon.

Bearing the same title as the video game, Ragnarok the video slot is sub-titled Fate of the Gods and takes form as a five-reel, 25-payline game. Originally furnished by Genesis Gaming as a Unibet exclusive slot in 2014 via the Relax Gaming platform, Unibet’s Ragnarok slot bears the sub-caption Fall of Odin.

Touted, as the first Genesis Gaming slot creation to incorporate the Graduated Feature, the Ragnarok slot unravels gradually play, since players will have to collect runes in order to activate game features. Each feature brings new challenges depicting the series of battles that could possibly lead to the demise of the gods, and even the end of the world.

Canadian players are sure to look forward to the new Ragnarok slot game, as it currently ranks as one of the top ten best performing games in Unibet online casinos.

Now that Genesis Gaming is all set to deploy the Ragnarok video slot to Quickfire-powered Microgaming online casinos, the company’s Head of Global Design, Scott Sims, elucidated on what inspired them to conceptualize and develop a wealth of options as part of the Ragnarok video slot game play.

He explained that in designing the game, their objective was to combine the level-up attribute popularly used in social and video games. In addition, he added that they wanted to give players the chance to select their preferred method for achieving wins. His statements conveyed that when new levels are unlocked, players also earn the privilege of selecting a feature with increased Return to Player (RTP) rate, as a form of reward when they elevate to a higher game level.

About Ragnarok – Fall of the Gods Game Features

The Ragnarok video slot game comprises three game features representing the battles involving Thor, Freyr and Odin. Players can unlock each battle by collecting a specific number of tokens or icons in the form of runes. Each of the three features comprises three game levels with a pay and/or reward-boosting feature.

Game Feature 1 depicts Thor’s battle versus the Midgard Serpent Jormungandr. This feature offers free spins with value multipliers that increase in number of spins and value when leveling up to the next stage. In Stage 3, Jormungandr’s thrashing will create Wilds that increase chances of achieving big wins from the free spins.

Game Feature 2 is where Freyr battles against Surtr, the Lord of the Fire-Giants. The game play involves a simple task of choosing targets that have hidden coin prizes or value multipliers.

Game Feature 3 showcases the battle between Odin and the monstrous wolf Fenrir. Here, rune symbols land on the reel screen, prompting players to choose a particular rune in order to reveal its mystery prize. Each unraveled rune will then replace all rune symbols appearing across the entire grid of reels, to potentially form a winning payline combination.