BCLC Paid CA$1.1 Million to “Wizard of Oz” Slot Players Disadvantaged by Technical Glitch

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) shows virtue as an upright operator of online gaming facilities by paying customers who had been put at a disadvantage by a technical glitch found in the Wizard of Oz progressive slot. In what is considered by many as a rare act of generosity, the BCLC paid as much as CA$1.1 million to nine (9) Wizard of Oz slot players, whose play was affected by a technical glitch that has gone undetected for almost a year.

The amount could go higher, since BCLC believes that several other players did not receive pay based on the Return to Player (RTP) rate advertised by the game. In an audit conducted by the people at BCLC, covering all slot games being offered at its online gaming site PlayNow.com, it was discovered that a glitch has been preventing the Wizards of Oz slots from awarding payouts in accordance with the advertised RTP.

BCLC official spokesperson Susan Dolinski disclosed that the nine (9) players had hit the slot’s jackpot level, but instead of receiving the equivalent payout for their win, the online slot generated an error message. Since it was established that the glitch started in July 16, 2014, Ms. Dolinski further announced that the provincial lottery corporation will likewise reimburse those who played the slot game but experienced a loss from July 16, 2014 through June 11, 2015. She added that those who won money from the Wizard of Oz during the inclusive dates could keep their winnings. BCLC has since removed the Wizard of Oz slot from PlayNow.com.

About the Wizard of Oz Progressive Jackpot Feature  

WMS Gaming originally released the Wizard of Oz as slot machine content at land-based casinos and likewise linked to WMS’ network of land-based progressive slot games. In June 2014, WMS Gaming deployed the online version of the slot machine content to licensed online casino operators, which include the BCLC. The online version easily became an instant hit at BCLC because the slot game has excellent reward-giving features to offer BC-based players.

The Wizard of Oz Game has several pay-boosting features that could improve a slot player’s chances of winning big from the game. Yet the main attraction is the Progressive Jackpot, as represented by the Jackpot signage. The Jackpot Symbols appear only in the base game, and a spin must produce five consecutively appearing Jackpot Symbols, to trigger the release of the progressive prize money at stake.

However, the Wizard of Oz slot makes it a condition for players to place a maximum bet on each spin, in order to qualify their slot play for the Progressive Jackpot. As the 5-reel slot has 30 paylines, a maximum bet denotes activating all 30 paylines for a total bet of CA$90, CA$105, CA$120, CA$135, or CA$150, for every spin. .

Since the error was found in the progressive jackpot level, players who will likely come forward with claims for loss of winnings are those who placed maximum bets, which can be verified in their playing history from July 16, 2014 through June 11, 2015.