Ladbrokes Announces new Chief Executive

Written By Janice Doughtrey


One of the largest betting companies in the UK has made a decision and named their next Chief Executive.  The new addition to Ladbrokes is currently finalizing the details of his contract but an announcement is expected to be made early this week.

The employee change up comes as Chris Bell steps down from his position at Ladbrokes, one that he worked hard for during the 20 years he spent working for the company.  Several high-profile gambling industry leaders were being considered for the job but Richard Glynn, formerly of Sporting Index, won the race and is expected to be claiming the position shortly.

Glynn’s experience and industry success was clearly taken into account before this decision was made as Ladbrokes has recently reported to be suffering from poor betting results.  The industry continues to grow, closing the gap between Ladbrokes and their competitors.  Ladbrokes is hoping that the addition of Glynn will help them reclaim their status as the UK’s top betting company.

The new partnership is not completely one-sided, however.  Glynn is expecting to learn a lot from Ladbrokes and the way it works as an operator because he has never worked for a company as large as them.  He plans to use his skills, polished from the experience of running a smaller betting company, to help Ladbrokes extend their client base.  As the online gambling market opens up in the US, Ladbrokes plans to get in on the industry outside of the UK with the next stop being Italy.


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