Best Place to Find Online Casino Bonuses!

Written By Janice Doughtrey

So you may think that this is completely silly but the best place for you to find the best offering for a current online casino bonus is actually the inbox of your email! If you are a brand new player that is looking for the best sign up bonus you should check the websites of various online casinos but once you are an established member remember to provide the online casino with your email address because the best promotions will come directly into your inbox.

The online casinos monitor the play of all their plays. They know what games you like to play, they know how much you spend when you are playing these games and they know the duration of time you spend playing each of those games as well! So they are the best at creating promotions catered to what you are looking for. You will see emails that are general promotions that the entire online casino will be having but then there are also additional promotions that are geared just for you!

Players are encouraged to enrol their email into all the online casinos that they wish to hear from. Just when you are looking to get into that free roll or looking to play in a great slot tournament you will be able to check your email and find a promotion at an online casino that you already belong to. One player has suggested to create a folder in your email that is especially for online casino email – if you keep the emails in here and keep the folder current you are able to find just what you are looking for when you are looking for a great game to play!

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