Gambling Tycoon Plans Casino Built By Bitcoin

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Digital currency has been making an impact on online casinos, and now the leading currency Bitcoin will be the sole capital for the development of a land-based casino and resort. Furthermore, it is coming directly out of the wallet of a famous online gambling tycoon.

The island of Antigua will be adding a new casino resort to its list of destinations. This resort will be funded through the profits made on Bitcoin by legendary gambling entrepreneur Calvin Ayre. As an all-inclusive vacation spot, the casino resort is expected to come with all the modern amenities that visitors and gamblers want from a world-class retreat.

Although he is a Canadian citizen, Ayre has been appointed as the special economic enjoy for Antigua. He has announced that the casino resort, known as the Ayre Resort, will be located on the Valley Church beach. Ayre also states that things are moving right along for the $100 million project.

The Ayre Resort in Antigua will be different from other travel spots. Calvin Ayre intends to make his new casino resort available to everyone. Unlike the tourist resorts on other Caribbean islands, the destination will be open to visitors and local residents of Antigua. Regardless of where they come from, Ayre wants his resort to be the first option for successful wellness-seekers.

Calvin Ayre is a popular name in gambling, especially among players from Canada. His creation of Bodog, an online gambling site, launched him into elite status among the industry’s leaders. Ayre invested in the digital currency Bitcoin early on, leading to massive wealth as the crypto craze caught on.

Though the career of Calvin Ayre has been full of success, it has also had its share of controversy where the law is concerned. Forbes magazine conducted an interview with Ayre, in which the publication stated he had gotten rich off of accepting illegal bets on the internet. The statement caught the attention of the FBI in the United States, and felony charges were brought against Ayre. However, these charges were dropped last year.

While plans for the Ayre Resort are already in the works, there is no official date for the opening of the new destination. An anticipated timeframe for the casino resort is also not available. The new concept behind the resort looks to be an ideal fit for individuals who have invested in cryptocurrency. Given the upward trend for blockchain investments, the Ayre Resort may become a highly popular spot in the Caribbean.