William Hill Announces Sign-up Bonus

Written By Janice Doughtrey

William Hill is a popular online gambling company in the UK and you might think that this status has solidified their presence in the online gambling industry.  That may be so, but they are not above offering incredible bonuses and promotions to new and loyal players.

Currently, all new players who join William Hill will automatically receive a sign-up bonus of 66 pounds.  There is no deposit required; all a new player has to do is sign up.  Once the money has been deposited players can use it towards any of William Hill’s games.  Any deposits made by the player will be rewarded with a deposit bonus that depends on how much money the player deposits.

A sign-up bonus like this is great because it shows new players that William Hill operators are confident in the quality of their games, their site and their service.  They believe that players will enjoy the time they spend on William Hill enough to invest their own money.

Furthermore, a sign-up bonus allows new players to become accustomed to the site and its games.  A player is unlikely to try an online casino game that they have never played before if they are risking their own money.  However, if they can try the game at no risk, it gives them a chance to decide if they like it or not.  While it is a relatively small gesture on William Hill’s part, 66 pounds will go a long way for individuals and may be what keeps the company in one of the top spots.

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