William Hill and Be the House to Produce Cash In Roulette

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Be The House has recently informed the public about the partnership it has built with William Hill, a pioneer when it comes to developing betting and gaming mobile applications, to create a new online casino called Cash In Roulette.

From the side of the former, its co-founder and CEO Seth Freedman mentioned in one article that they have felt the need to develop a more interactive kind of digital game. That is because the virtual casinos that are out in the market at the moment are deprived of certain features that can increase the desire of the players to play roulette. He also discussed how the entire Be The House team is exhilarated to team up with William Hill and launch the game as partners, as they see it as a huge honor to have their creation admired and backed by another game-developing company that has been in the business for no less than 80 years now.

According to the latter’s leader regarding game improvement, William Mathieson, they value Cash In Roulette for the reason that this is the only online casino app in the last ten years that has its features well thought of and designed to become very appealing to the new and avid players of the game.

What are in store for mobile users once Cash in Roulette gets released?

Other than the conventional one spin that most roulette offer, Cash In Roulette makes subsequent spins available to the gamers and lets them bet on those. What this entails is that the play is given a chance to enter any number from 0 to 36 and color (red or black) that they think the virtual ball will land on during every rotation. In addition to that, the individuals will be capable of predicting various outcomes at once. To be particular, for 20 or 100 spins, they can say the exact amount of red or blacks they believe will appear to heighten the odds of winning the jackpot.

William Hill is not the one to keep people’s expectation to the minimum either since for every betting line; the company is prepared to place approximately 1,000,000 GBP on liabilities. This is far from what traditional online casino developers have been willing to provide to their consumers in the past.

The advantages that both companies will attain from such generosity is that their digital roulette can catch the attention of as many bettors as possible and keep them within the game longer.

Be The House is still working to get a patent for this specific online casino. Along with William Hill, they are yet to release an official launch date for Cash In Roulette.