Why Was Sports Betting Not Legalized in Georgia?

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Georgia has been a state that has had difficulty legalizing sports betting, but after the 2020 elections, the state made another attempt at legislation. Unfortunately, in 2021 Georgia failed to pass any legislation for sports betting and many are wondering if this is finally the end of their efforts. While it may seem as though all hope is lost for gamblers in Georgia, there is still reason to be hopeful. In fact, the state has already begun making plans to retry their efforts in 2023 to legalize sports betting within its borders, which could potentially open up a whole new gambling industry in the region. In this article, we will explore Georgia’s past attempts at legalizing sports betting, delve into their current plans for 2023 and how these plans might change gambling laws in the Peach State.

Why Was Sports Betting Not Legalized in Georgia?

For years, Georgians have been clamoring for the legalization of sports betting. With the nearest casino over two hours away and only a limited number of horse tracks in the state, many residents feel that they are missing out on a fun and potentially lucrative activity. Despite these calls for legalization, sports betting has not been made legal in Georgia.

There are a number of reasons why this is the case. First and foremost, there is significant opposition from the state’s powerful evangelical community. Gambling is seen as morally wrong by many evangelicals, and they have been successful in convincing lawmakers to keep gambling illegal.

Another reason why sports betting has not been legalized in Georgia is because there is no clear consensus on how it would be regulated. There are a number of different possible models for regulation, and lawmakers have not been able to agree on which one would be best for the state.

Finally, some lawmakers are concerned about the potential negative impacts of legalizing sports betting. They worry that it could lead to more problem gambling, and that it could take money away from other industries such as tourism and hospitality. For now, it appears that sports betting will remain illegal in Georgia.

What Happens Now That Sports Betting Has Not Been Legalized in Georgia?

1. The Georgia legislature failed to legalize sports betting during the 2020 session. This means that Georgians will not be able to place bets on sporting events legally in the state. However, there are still ways to bet on sports illegally in Georgia. There are also some legal options for betting on sports outside of the state.

2. One way to bet on illegal sports in Georgia is through offshore sportsbooks. These online sportsbooks are not subject to US laws and can accept bets from Georgians. However, it can be difficult to find a reputable offshore sportsbook and there is always the risk of losing money to an unscrupulous operator.

3. Another way to bet on sports in Georgia is through legal online casinos that offer sports betting. These casinos are located outside of the United States and are not subject to US laws. While this option is legal, it can be difficult to find a reputable casino that offers Sports betting.

4. Finally, Georgians can also place bets on horse racing and dog racing at simulcast facilities. Simulcast facilities allow people to bet on live races that are being held at other tracks around the country. While this option is legal in Georgia, it is important to note that simulcast facilities do not offer Sports betting.

What Are the Chances of Sports Betting Being Legalized in Georgia?

The chances of sports betting being legalized in Georgia are very slim. The state has failed to legalize sports betting in the past, and there is no indication that they will be successful in the future. There are many reasons why sports betting is not currently legal in Georgia, and it is unlikely that these reasons will change anytime soon.


Despite the setback, all hope is not lost for Georgia residents looking to place bets on their favorite sports teams. Although it failed this year, there are still plenty of opportunities for legal sports betting in the state next year. With more states legalizing and regulating sports betting in 2021, hopefully Georgia will be able to follow suit soon enough with a successful legislative campaign in 2023. We’ll have to wait and see what happens!