War at VIP Casino

Written By Janice Doughtrey

VIP Casino is known for it’s online tournaments held every month. The atypical games are always featured, and the freerolls are also quite attractive for players who want a chance to win without having to stake anything. The month of June features the game Casino War.

The online tournaments are freerolls, but are only open to real money account holders at VIP Casino. When a player registers for these events, they are given a $500 chip balance and a quick 10 minutes of wagering time. Players are free not to use the full 10 minutes if they rack up a high chip balance and are comfortable with where they’ll be on the leader board. The leader board is displayed and continuously updated to allow for players to see exactly where they stand once they start reaching the top. These online tournaments usually offer a prize pool of $1,000. Players that are ranked 1st to 22nd will get a piece of that $1,000 prize pool. The players that come in from 3rd to 22nd will get $20 each. The 2nd player will get $200. The first player will get $400. Not too shabby, considering players don’t even have to pay anything to actually play in these tournaments.

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