Video Game Gambling: The Wave of the Future?

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Both video games and casino games are hugle popular. The fusion of the two has occurred many times. A new and bold endeavor that brings the two together is emerging. GameCo, Inc. is not a company that has been around as long as various other companies, but it is one of the most enthusiastic. The company is looking to combine video games with legitimate casino gambling. This is being done through a developing partnership between GameCo and Entropy International, Inc.

There is a retro concept at work here. Entropy International produces and manufactures arcade-style games for amusement and gambling venues. The goal here is for the two to come up with the traditional “arcade-style cabinet” design for video gambling machines. Think of the classic look of an arcade game, but one that is connected to legitimate casino gambling games for real money.

An interesting idea here is video game play will be connected to a slot machine type of payout system. The idea could solve the demographic problem that many casinos are facing.

The Generation X crowd has been an okay source of revenue for casinos. Millennials, however, are woefully underrepresented in casinos. Baby boomers reflect the largest number of casino players, but the casino industry has to plan for its future. Attracting more members of Generation X and various millennials is key to future growth.

As far as profits go, slot machines are the big winners for casinos. Slot machines, however, do not appeal to younger demographics. The concept of a slot machine is just too old-time to garner a huge amount of interest. Casinos positively must find something new to make up the revenues that will eventually decline in the slot world. New concepts such as video games for real money could provide a solution.

The games are upbeat and fast-paced. Sport, fighting, and racing games are among those incorporated into the new games being designed. Such games are going to be attractive to those who are into video games since they fit right in with the top sellers in the home video game market.

The developers at GameCo and Entropy International do have a vision for the future and it is a unique one. The vision focuses on a new world in which modern casinos are filled with these types of machines. The arcades of the 1970s and 1980s could be reborn in a modern gambling version. The cabinet-style arcade games being designed now would be the first prototypes of this concept.

As long as the games are well-designed and appeal to their target demographic, they should be successful. How successful the games become remains to be seen. Likely, they should do fine although being able to replace the popularity of slots may be unreachable.