Vegas Reporter Jeff German, his Murderer Apprehended

Written By Michael Whitlatch

County official in Nevada was arrested over the death of a Vegas reporter Jeff German

The county official in Nevada was arrested over the death of a Vegas reporter named Jeff German, who had targeted him in his stories.

On the weekend of September 3rd, a Las Vegas journalist was found dead. German, 69, died of “multiple sharp force injuries,” the Clark County Office of the Coroner/Medical Examiner has said.

According to police, a 69-year-old, Jeff German was heard yelling in his building.

Footage of the suspect shared by LVMPD on Twitter

A court appearance is scheduled for Thursday after the arrest of Telles.

Police officers stood near the front door of Clark County’s Public Administrator’s house on September 7th, 2022. They were there to search for evidence in connection to Jeff German’s fatal stabbing.

Somebody who had worked for the Las Vegas Sun for 20 years wrote more than just stories about government malfeasance and political scandals. Recently, they wrote a story about Telles’s wrongdoing.

According to his newspaper, the journalist was pursuing a potential follow-up story about Telles in the same week he was stabbed to death.

Telles, a 45-year-old, became the Clark County Public Administrator in 2019 after his election. Prior to becoming county public administrator, Telles was the principal and founder of a law firm in Las Vegas, specializing in estate planning and probate matters.

Telles is a husband, father, and lawyer who has been in Clark County for over 20 years.

Telles lost to Rita Reid in the primary on June 14. The county official’s wrongdoing allegedly contributed to his loss at the primary. German was found to have been responsible for this exposure.

German accused Telles of creating a hostile environment at the Clark County Public Administrator’s office. German alleged that there had been “emotional stress, bullying and favoritism” for two years leading up to the creation of secret videotapes.

Telles also denied sexual harassment and advocating for his mistress.

The arrest of Robert Telles is an enormous relief but also an outrage, according to the Review-Journal’s executive editor.

“We are relieved Telles is in custody and outraged a colleague was killed for their reporting. Journalists can’t do our important work required by the community if they’re afraid to present facts.”

Thank you to the Las Vegas police for their quick action in solving this case and recognizing how important Jeff was. Now, hopefully, the Review-Journal, the German family, and all of Jeff’s friends can begin to mourn and honor such an amazing man. We will always remember Jeff. Original Story Newsweek.