Utah’s Anti-Gambling Bill Delayed

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Utah is one of the few states in America that is opposed the legalization and regulation of online gambling. While most other states are working towards legislation, Utah has decided to go the opposite route and ban the activity; however, some politicians are concerned about the feasibility of the idea.

Stephen Sandstrom recently introduced a bill to ban online gambling, calling it a necessary evil. The bill would require Internet Service Providers (ISPs) across the state to block residents from accessing online gambling and online poker websites, but the plan may not be wise from a financial perspective.

During a committee meeting this week, Sandstrom defended his bill. While the costs to ISPs may be significant, he claims that the state could stand to lose millions of dollars if online gambling is permitted.

However, the House Law Enforcement Committee has decided to delay the implementation of the bill. It would like to receive more information on the bill and how it would operate. The politicians also want to hear from ISPs in the state, in order to understand how it would affect them directly.

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