Users Report Problems with iPhone 4

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Any issues that Apple users in North America have been having with the iPhone 4 are not being experienced by Europeans.  Almost immediately after the newest model was released, users began reported poor signal strength and screen discolouration issues.

iPhone users in Europe have had no problems transitioning the new phone into their daily lives.  In fact, online gamblers mentioned that the longer battery life makes it easy to log on and enjoy their favourite online gambling games while on the go.  Online gamblers are saying that they are still able to do everything that they used to with the older iPhones and are not experiencing any glitches.

And while iPhone users in North America are noticing several inconsistencies with the phone, gamblers are not yet able to gamble freely so a gambling application is not an option.  Apple has, however, left the door open so that when online gambling legislation in the US changes, the company will be able to offer online gambling apps to users.

The iPhone has made a world of difference for online gamblers in Europe.  Wireless capabilities means that online gamblers can sign onto a casino from their phone and use their commute time to gamble.  Before that, gambling had to be done near a wireless network, which still allowed a lot of freedom, but not as much as the iPhone applications offer.

Apple has already begun working on the reported glitches and is expected to have them cleared up soon.

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