US Gambling to Nearly Reach $100B by 2020

Written By Janice Doughtrey

A lot of gamblers were predicting that the financial future for casinos was on a steady decline. In fact, some predicted that the odds were stacked high against the casino industry. People were finding other ways to spend their time and money. However, the casino industry had a few tricks up their sleeve. They are in the process of reinventing themselves to keep a steady flow of gamblers coming in through their doors. Another surprising fact is that those changes have quickly turned the tide. A marketing research company is now predicting a great and very profitable future for casino gambling and the industry in general.

Changes Are Coming
A number of gaming casinos in the big cities noticed the revenues were starting to decline. They assumed the decline was due to the economy situation and that the casino traffic would start to flow once the economy improved. However, the competition was much heavier than before. Consequently, the big name casinos have discovered interesting ways to lure people back into their casinos. Thus, vastly improving their revenues. They had to offer their customers something new. Something that they would look forward to at the casino.

The major casinos are starting to reinvent themselves. This should not come as a surprise to those in the casino industry. Casinos are always trying new marketing tactics to drive traffic through their doors. Casinos are excited about new marketing tactics that attract more tourist to gamble in the United States. For example, they offer tourist, luxury accommodations in five star hotels along with a number of perks. Casinos are also using new tactics like making their casino slots area look more like an arcade or after-hours nightclub. Casinos are also adding games that take a bit of skill and strategy. They discovered that this tactic appeals to the younger gamblers that are under 40. Consequently, they’ve witnessed a rise already in younger gamblers and tourist deciding to try their luck at a casino. This is the targeted group that casinos are trying to capture.

Casino Growth
Casino insiders state that reinvention is required to increase revenue at the casino. They believe that the key to really take it forward is for the local casino to extend their reach to online gambling. Offer their gamblers an option to gamble at the local casino or online. The casinos should also find a way to connect with the local community. Finally, the casino should make it easy for the gambler to arrive at their location and stay in comfortable accommodations.

Online Gambling
Online gambling sites provide ample opportunity for the casino industry to increase their profits and make billions of dollars. Financial analyst noted that online gambling increased over 200 percent. This is good news for the casino industry. Online gambling is making a substantial impact on the gambling industry. Fortunately, it is a very positive and powerful impact that will carry on well into the future. Online gambling is very safe and has vastly improved over the last several years. Jazzed up graphics, heightened security, and ease of play, make it a rewarding experience for the seasoned gambler and the new generation.