US Fails to meet WTO March Deadline

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The United States has failed to meet the March deadline set by the World Trade Organization (WTO). The deadline was set by the latter for the United States to forward a proposal in order to settle its wrangle with Antigua over internet gambling.

According to the Antigua Sun, no official in the Country or its lawyer had received any notification from the United States Trade Representative.

The paper stated that the resolution process had seen lots of delays and the local government was adopting an attitude of watch. The government lawyer stated that any agreement with the United States would be in two parts. The first part would tackle the issue of stoppage of online gambling companies by the United States in its jurisdiction, and the second would be the issue of compensation forAntigua.

The issue of compensation arose when the United States departed from its obligation under the WTO of providing admission to online gambling operators.

A WTO panel had awarded Antigua as damages a sum of US$21 million a year till the United States agreed to allow Antiguan Online Gambling Companies permission to operate. The body also allowedAntigua to ignore US copyrights for the same value as the claim.

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