Two Sydney Residents Win OZ Lotto Jackpot

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Two residents of Sydney have come forward and laid their claim for the $47 million OZ Lotto jackpot. The claim was made at the NSW Lotteries Head Office in Homebush Bay. The first winner is a youngster who belongs to Cabramatta. He was very cool and collected when he was filling the form to claim his share of the jackpot, which stood at $23,991,942.94. This information was divulged by the spokesperson of OZ Lotto.

The young winner was quoted by the company as saying that he had not watched the draw the night before. He had just checked the internet at around 8.40 pm and kept checking till midnight.

The winner claimed that he did not believe that he had won such a large sum and rechecked with the lottery office if it was true. He claimed to be a regular lottery ticket buyer but always thought that he would win a Power ball not OZ Lotto.

When asked what he would do with the huge winning sum, the winner replied that he would consult a financial adviser and decide.

The second winner is actually a syndicate of 16 laboratory workers who are based in Western Sydney. The syndicate bought the ticket the afternoon of the draw.

The 16 winners who will receive $1.5 million each have resumed working today. The leader went on to say that none of the 16 planned to resign and in fact they had bought the ticket on behalf of one winner who was on leave.

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