Two New, New Jersey Casinos Suspended

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Campaign to set up two new casinos in New Jersey has been suspended

There has been a lot of news about the billionaire that was wanting to put up two new casinos in the northern part of New Jersey that would have been worth billions of dollars, but it would appear that this may just be a far-fetched dream that won’t be coming to fruition. The campaign has reached a conclusion that voters will not be approving of the plan that has been put forth to expand the gambling industry in the state.

Chairman Paul Fireman and Racetrack owner Jeff Gural stated on Thursday that they will be stopping the campaign resulting from internal polling that has shown that voters are very unlikely to pass the measure that would allow them to build the two new casinos. This is most likely due to the fact that two high profile men that want to build the casinos are the ones that are openly running the campaign, which shows that there is a severe personal interest in having it approved rather than doing it for any sort of purpose. These types of campaigns have historically not done so well with voters.

Even though they will no longer be campaigning for it, the question will remain on voter ballots this upcoming November. Voters will still get the opportunity to cast their opinions on whether or not New Jersey should expand the gambling industry and allow for growth. If voters end up turning it down, which at this point is quite likely, then another two years would have to go by before proponents of the measure would have another opportunity to try again.

Gural stated that he is going to remain dedicated to the proposal, even if it might not pass this time around. He wants to build a casino on the Meadowlands Racetrack and is going to try to campaign again in 2018 when he reintroduces the measure. There is a lot of information that is going to have to be shared with voters before they can expect this to go through though. There needs to be a reasonable tax rate on the business, it needs to be clearly defined where that money would be going, the specific locations of any new casinos needs to be identified, and many more other fine details.

There has been a lot of opposition to the new casinos that have also played a role in dissuading voters from favoring the new casino measure. Trenton’s Bad Bet is a specifically loud opponent of the measure that has posted ads all over the state citing that we can’t trust what the government is going to do with tax money that comes from these sources. It hasn’t been very clearly outlined what the taxes from these casinos is going to do exactly, and so that’s a major problem for getting something like this to pass. Voters understand that it’s important to follow the money to avoid greed and corruption in seemingly innocent propositions.