Two More Bad Beats Jackpots Awarded At Online Poker Site

Written By Janice Doughtrey

After recently hitting a milestone of paying out $32 million dollars to players on January 31st, the CEREUS poker network’s jackpot game, Bad Beats has made several lucky players over $800,000 richer! What a Valentine’s present!

The Pennsylvania resident HDCOWBOY won a combined sum of $813,341.85 for Absolute Poker players just in time for Valentine’s day on January 13th at 11:35pm EST. HDCOWBOY lost the winning hand in a game of Texas Hold’em by losing four eights to another players four kings.

The 65-year old won himself a cool $264,418.89 while the winner of the hand won $132,995.95. Not a bad time to win considering the following day a head of them. Five other players at the table also, no doubt had great Valentine’s Day’s as they each won over $1,000. 1,028 other players won just over $82 just for being seated at other Bad Bead Jackpot tables with the same stakes.

Aside from having a happier Valentine’s Day and hopefully having someone else to share it with, HDCOWBOY also plans to pay off a major portion of his home mortgage with his winnings.

Then, a mere two days later SFBEGGARS landed another $308,156.46 on Sunday, February 15th at 12:55pm EST that awarded the lucky player a total of $100,346.90!

Bad Beats is a progressive jackpot network game in which .50 cents of each qualifying Texas Hold’em hand is added to the pool, collecting until a player loses a hand with four eights or more. 65% of the jackpot is divided among the Bad Beats Jackpot players while some of the remaining portion goes back in, towards the next losing hand jackpot. A small prize is also awarded to any players sitting at Bad Beats Jackpot tables that have the same limit and game type.

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