Trends in the casino industry in 2017

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Just like any other industry, Casinos are changing the way they operate. The basics remain the same, but due to technological advancement, the change in the customer demographic and the general perception of the casinos, the business owners have no choice but embrace technology fully. Embrace change positively to remain competitive and profitable.

Some of the trends that are now common in modern casinos are:

The inclusion of games built for a mobile millennial generation
For a long time casinos have been known as the reserved places for rich old people. With the advancement in technology, it is now possible for the casino owners to bring the technology to use, develop games that are mobile friendly that can be played by the younger generation. In Europe, here the regulations are a bit lenient, the change has already been felt and younger people are enjoying the casino games just like the old. Younger-skewing slots are now available for the millennials who have stayed on top of technology changes and it is up to the vendors and casino owners to constantly provide this generation with what they need.

Use of facial recognition technology
The casinos have a duty to protect their loyal honest customers and to protect their returns a well. Every field has some cheats, people who have dedicated time and other resources to see to it that they harvest where they didn’t sow. with the latest cameras, security is now not an issue. For the players who are burned from the casinos, it is now hard for them to get in. these technology has facial recognition software’s that will boost the security of casinos and give the players the chance to win fair and square.

Online is the latest space
Online business is not just reserved for goods for stores like E-bay. Gambling companies are using online platform to reach more people. This is possible through computer games that one can access from the convenience of your home or office. There are good benefits that one cannot get in a traditional casino. These deals include a new user/player welcome bonus with more money, the higher the chances of winning making online gaming the best option especial for the younger generation.
Ticket Vouchers instead of money

The vouchers have now been synced with other casino amenities such as restaurants and the bar. Regular players will have an easy time since walking with a minimum amount of liquid cash is very convenient and gives the players a sense of security. The vouchers exist for both the video poker and the slot machine. Upon winning, the players are given their money in the form of a ticket which ca only be cashed when they are ready to leave the casino or when they are buying food or drinks.

Just like any other venture, casinos to have undergone the inevitable change, and it has proved to have many benefits to both the casino owners and the players. There is more security and convenience.