Tournaments and Jackpots at VIP Casino

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The month of August is featuring two of VIP Casino’s most popular games: Bejeweled, and Roulette.

Bejeweled is a player favorite because the symbols on this slot can rearrange on the reels several times in the same spin, What this equates to is more payouts without having to put in more money. Roulette is a classic land based casino game, and the online version at VIP Casino replicates many of the land based features very well, appealing to players.

Because these online tournaments are freerolls, players do not have to pay an entry fee. Every player who participates is given a starting stack of $500 and 10 minutes to wager. The top ranking players that compete in each tournament will win a cash prize, $400 is awarded to the first place winner, $200 for the second place winner, and third through 22nd gets $20 each. Not bad considering players don’t even have to pay an entry fee!

This month, a favorite VIP Casino game, Caribbean Stud Poker has an optional progressive jackpot, which means players have to place a separate wager to activate the progressive jackpot. This is an attractive progressive jackpot as it isn’t for an online slot game, which is more common. The jackpot is well over $130,000, so for all those players who aren’t into slot games, this is a great game to play with a very nice jackpot waiting to be won!

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