TitanPoker.com Joining Online Casinos Helping Haiti

Written By Janice Doughtrey

While the focus on the news isn’t as centered on Haiti as it was last week the online casino industry is still doing their share to help. Just because the media doesn’t think that this is prime news anymore does not mean that the problem isn’t more severe than ever. The country that suffered from being hit by one of the most major earthquakes to date has death counts quickly climbing over the 200,000 mark and the destruction includes many hospitals, schools and homes of hundreds of thousands of people.

Online casino Titanpoker.com is holding a tournament this Sunday that will give all proceeds raised to the Red Cross organization in an effort to help Haiti in a way they know they can. The online casino is happy to do this for this very serious issue and the players will be just as supportive. The casino management says that it is happy to do what they can when there is such an urgency and people that are completely innocent are suffering.

People are also encouraged to make donations and many names in the online gambling industry are giving out helping hands and trying to reach out from all over the world to help those in need. The online casino industry was not expected to provide as much help and support as they did but they are really coming thru under the wire because they have many members at the tip of their fingertips and people that have a little extra money to spend at the online casino are happy if it goes to a good cause while they are still having a good time.

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