Tips for Improving Online Poker Playing Skills

Written By Janice Doughtrey

With an abundance of online poker rooms to play, there is certainly a game for any skill level player to choose. The reason for so many players struggling to make money at these poker sites has nothing to do with the site that is chosen, it is a combination of the skill level of the players you are up against and your own level of play.

Today we are going to pull back the curtain and allow you to see the ways the best players are raking in huge piles of cash each week from tips provided by Advanced Poker Training, and these techniques might actually surprise you.

The Auto Play Feature

Many new players get impatient sitting at the online poker table because other players seem to be taking forever to make the simplest calls. This is not because they are new or that they are seriously thinking about their decision at all. These are the better players who are maxed out and playing four to ten tables at a time. They get to your table at their own pace. So the player who is waiting grows impatient and starts using the auto-features to call any bet, fold any bet, or check.

If you are growing impatient and decide to click the call button at the millisecond that other player pushes his all-in button, you just made a call for all your chips and will most likely lose the bet because he probably has a hand.

Chatting to Get You Tilting

There are some players who are the master of putting other players on tilt. Online you are not able to converse with others and set them off, so you have to do it through the table chat. The better players have a method to their madness. They look for weaker players, ones who call all the time or play every hand. When they get them to call and they lose, these strong players will simply berate the weak player with comments like “how could you call, why did you call, that was the dumbest call.” The trick, they do it over, and over, and over.

An hour later, they are still reminding that player, to the point this player goes on tilt because they want to shut them up, and they call an all-in bet they shouldn’t and go broke. Turn off the chat feature and focus on your game-play.

The Flashing Technique

It is advised you never flash your cards at the online poker, whether you folded a monster hand or you literally pulled off the bluff of the century. You never know what the best players have online because they don’t engage is flashing their hole cards. If you flash a bluff after stealing a huge pot, you might set off a player who makes its point to follow you around until they get their revenge. You don’t need that type of player stalking you.

Eliminate this needless mistake from your game and look for the weaker players doing it so you can cash in instead.

Now you see how the better players studying at Advanced Poker Training are making so much money at the online poker sites. Mix up your game play and incorporate a few of these techniques and you too are going to start to see your casino bankroll taking a huge turn for the positive.