Tiger Woods Still Has a Following at Online Casinos

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Well not quite what the golfer may aspire for but there are still players at online casinos that believe in the golf skills of Tiger Woods. It was just announced that Tiger Woods will be participating in the next big Golf tournaments and Tiger Woods is considered as the top runner by those that are playing and enjoying betting on sports at online casinos.

There has been much in the media about Tiger Woods these days! For the last few months Tigers life has been exposed. But we haven’t actually seen much of him! And while he hasn’t been in the public eye there are many stories about his affairs and the insider details on what has been going on in his life for the last little while.

But rumour has it the Golfer actually hasn’t been spending that much time on the golf course so he may be a little out of practice and with many situations on his mind it will be interesting to see how this affects his golf game.

Those that are taking bets at online casino are still pointing to Tiger as the favourite to take home another green jacket and players are hopping on the Tiger wagon as many are putting their bets on him. He is largely the best player to ever golf but it will be interesting to see if the last months events have had any effect on his game. Both ways, once the wagers are formed there isn’t much anyone can do and bets are made such that players know the odds before they place their wagers!

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