The Strange Tale of Adam Meyer

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Adam Meyer did everything in his power to get new gambling clients for his consulting services. He used TV, radio, and even cold calls to get their attention-and it worked! He told his clients that he was a veteran Vegas gambler consultant who guaranteed to make them a huge profit. He said he had for years been one of the top consultants to sports personalities. He convinced many people in Vegas that all this was true. He has been called one of the biggest stars on the Vegas scene. He was “helping” the stars of Vegas make money left and right.

He was so high profile that his consulting services went for $250,000 a pop. All this cash was for his premium package of sure-fire tips and world-class advice. He said this was also to help pay for his 160 expert team of employees. He seemed too good a thing to be true. As many found out, he was. He ended up scamming his clients. The law finally caught up with his underhanded ways. He was put on trial before a grand jury. On December of 2014, he was indicted by a grand jury on miscellaneous charges involving wire fraud, racketeering, and extortion.During this trial all manner of former clients testified to how Meyer scammed, conned, and even sometimes threatened them with bodily harm. One former client claimed Meyer had threatened him with a gun and forced him to pay $9.8 million. It was also discovered that Meyer had created an alter ego for himself as a bookie named Kent Wong. Meyer’s lawyer battled the mountain of accusation by putting forward a “public authority defense” in which a government informant cannot be convicted if he was working under the direction of the government.His lawyers claimed that he had been working for the police since 2001. They also claim that during these years he helped lead to the arrest and imprisonment of 30 wanted criminals. He was therefore released for $1 million bail. However, this bail release was overturned after he failed some mandatory blood tests. This failure took place in his hometown in Florida. He was immediately forced to go back to Wisconsin for another appearance in court. He is currently awaiting a February court date in the Dodge County Detention Facility.

Although Meyer will have different lawyers this time around, he is expected to maintain his “public authority defense.” Supposedly this governmental work was such a tightly kept secret that local government authorities were kept in the dark about it. We will see what happens this time.