The Possible Ban On Online Gambling

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The United States Attorney General is considering the introduction of a federal ban on all online gambling that is state regulated. The United States online gambling market was reestablished in 2011 when a law was passed giving individual states the right to legalize internet gambling.

Numerous states have considered legalizing gambling although Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey were the first to do so. America’s Wire Act originally made any type of internet gambling illegal. There are currently several groups who are backing a campaign to restore this act and outlaw all online gambling anywhere inside of the country.

The Huffington Post says making online gambling is being considered despite the fact there is incredibly little support from the public. The National Governors Association is opposing the ban and has stated they do not believe the move would have the desired results.

Chris Grove is a stakeholder’s consultant for the regulated market in the country. He informed the publication that if this ban was reintroduced thousands of jobs all over the country would be at risk. Grove stated that tens of thousands of jobs have been created by online gambling and a ban would eliminate these jobs. He also feels income tax from the states who do have legal online gambling would be adversely impacted.

Grove is certain that is online gambling were made illegal consumers all over the country would simply access gaming services with the use of offshore sites that are not regulated. Not only would this put the safety of these consumers at risk it would also stop the tax flow income to these states. Grove stated that any ban that regulates online gambling would be an enormous loss to both the states and the consumers. He says the illegal industry of offshore betting would receive a major victory if the ban goes into effect. This industry has absolutely no interest or desire to compete with sites that are regulated by the states.

Aiding the offshore sites is not an outcome the AG Sessions is looking for but may be inevitable if federal action is taken to prevent states from deciding if they want to allow online gambling. Jeff Sessions is the United States Attorney General and he is analyzing the possibilities of placing the federal ban on online gambling. His largest road block is he is lacking the public support he requires.

Numerous states have started legal processes to prevent the ban and overrule PASPA. This has established that only a few of the states are legally able to have legal sports betting. New Jersey is currently involved in a case that is trying to repeal the injunction through PASPA. This is a federal injunction and of repealed sports betting would become legal on a federal level.