The Odd Ways that Gamblers in Europe are Spending Their Winnings

Written By Janice Doughtrey

There are no limits to the number of things that people can spend their money on. If that money happens to be lottery or gambling winnings, the options become even more bizarre. They begin to think of the things they would like to buy but wouldn’t have the money for in normal circumstances.

A man named Richard, who won 1.2 GBP, purchased a large garbage dump and turned it into a fun-filled theme park for his family and friends. He didn’t say where he got the idea but hopefully he managed to get rid of the smell of garbage before inviting people to visit!

More recently, an online casino winner named Naomi won 7200 GBP and bought 4000 Mars Bars. Her reasoning for the purchase was that she never wanted to be without a sweet. She also plans to get a personal trainer to help her work off all the calories. With the money that is leftover she wants to have breast enlargement surgery. Without having won the lottery, she likely wouldn’t have done any of those things.

After any type of casino or other gambling win, many media outlets write up interviews they have had with the winners and the question of how they will spend their money always comes up. People are interested in what other people are going to buy. This is usually so they can compare what they would do and daydream about the possibility of winning.

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