The Five Most Famous Gamblers in History

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The universe has seen high profile gamblers who were not worried about the amount they invest in gambling. The casino has had five most famous tycoons who not only made gambling historic but also lived by it.

An Australian Kerry Packer

Kerry Packer is a renowned founder the world cricket series. He was also a media businessman in the 80s and 90s. In gambling, Packer was a casino legend with very mysterious narratives surrounding him. One of such is how he lost more than £15million four times in roulette tables. But, he is also known for being one of the biggest whales in the casino. He won $20milliona night at MGM Grand in Las Vegas from his betting with only $250,000. The gamblers remember him for the poker he played against Stratosphere (a Texas oil businessmen) in Vegas. Kerry confirmed his expertise in gambling to Stratosphere by winning $60million.

A Saudi Arabian Adnan Kashoggi

Kashoggi us also among the wealthiest people in the 80s dealing in arms in Saudi Arabia. He was not only associated with dubious businesses but also Iran-contra affairs. After a decade, he participated in London’s casino games. Kashoggi was one man who never feared using his large sums of money in gambling, especially on baccarat. His love for beautiful women and extravagance reduced his wealth leading to high amounts of debt. However, he managed to settle all his debts after a decade and two years later.

The former NBA star Charles Barkley

Although Barkley spent some time in the judiciary, he spared some time for the casino. He is a role model to many people since he approached gambling with an open mind. He shared his winning and losing secrets. He visited Vegas before 2013 with the aim of winning whooping $1milion but ended up losing $200,000. Barkley could also use as little as $10 in gambling but won huge amounts of cash. Most of the people who played with him describe him as the funniest gambler. The year 2013 marked his exit from the gambling scene.

A Lebanese-Mexican Kamel Nacif Borge

Borge, known as El Rey de la Mazclilla (The Denim King), was a hard-working businessman dealing in all sorts of items. Legitimately, he was a manufacturer of jeans while at the same time he associated himself with mega corruption scandals. Borge was among the top five Whales who would use only $200,000 to win more between $2million to 5million. He could refuse to pay his debts besides throwing his things across the casino floor in anger if he failed to win any game. Borge was a friendly gambler who could never die in jail. Ted Binion bailed him out of jail by putting up $2million. His fellow players too much loved him due to his use of large sums of money that they could occasionally call him back to Vegas.

The Sultan of Brunei

Sultan is one man who believes that the geographical size of a person’s territory should not determine his worth. He belongs to the class of the wealthiest people in the world with about $20billion worth possession. He moves the gambling scene his secretive nature since no single person knows how much he invested in gambling. The Sultan played casino in London, Macao, and Vegas where he won $1million a night. He was in the casino including his family. Miriam Aziz (his wife) being a high roller lost about £3million on gambling in a weekend but did not seem discouraged.

The casino is a fantastic game that brings makes most people rich in a very short time. Most of the above people are among the world’s wealthiest.