The Bloke Behind Star Fox Builds a Block Chain Casino

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Among the leading brains in Nintendo Star Fox is proud to announce the launch of a blockchain gambling service that will provide an online platform for players. This platform is said to be one of the leading service providers for regulators stumped. According to Jez San, the platform is worth $ 200,000. The online platform is aimed at providing solutions to online gambling questions. Initially, blockchain was established by the creator of Bitcoin, Mr. Satoshi Nakamoto. He is famous for his mastery in developing various online platforms that offer different solutions for not only transactions but also games.


Blockchain is famous for creating various spin-offs with a new version like Ethereum being one of it. Following the development of blockchain in the industry, San has gained prominence. Recently, he made news headlines thanks to the current crush in exchange rates. In an interview with El Reg, San stated that the core issue with the public is the lack of trust. The lack of trust has always been caused by untrustworthy game developers who cause losses to players.


Most players have the wrong perception of online games, and they prefer not to be involved in the games instead. San stated that whether it is a fact or not, some people do not trust online casinos to provide the games they want. They also have issues with risking their money in these casinos because some of the casinos have messed people. A good example of such scenarios is when an employee at a casino used the privileges granted by the management to view one of the player’s cards. The employee then tipped off an accomplice who was a player too. San stated that blockchain presents an antidote for such scenarios and this is the idea behind it.

Uses of Blockchain

For users who will apply blockchain for transactions as well as other applications, the entire ordeal will be recorded and inspected to ensure safety. Blockchain also ensures that the records undergo auditing through inspection. San has been instrumental in developing various online platforms. Among his projects is the 3D graphics utilized for gaming.

Though the transparency blockchain is bringing to the table, there will be the implementation of fair contracts as well as funfair games. These are necessary features found in the blockchain. Also, the package comes with other features like separate accounts that can hold the money. When the accounts are managed separately, it is easy for gamblers to trust the casino.


There is the question of how the operators will take advantage of the blockchain package. San answered that using the technology is an added advantage to operators because it is a market niche for the industry. It is also critical to note that the technology is a selling point for the same operators. When the technology offers fair plays that do not allow players to cheat, more customers are drawn to the casino. San understands that his role in the industry is important as he has initiated the development of a useful technology platform. San is a tech mogul who enjoys investing in computer games and online technology. Through blockchain, he continues to build a name for himself in the industry.