The Allure of Slot Machines: What Makes Video Slots so Popular?

Written By Ivan P

The gambling industry offers all sorts of different games and the opportunities for those looking to try their luck are almost endless. Yet, video slots remain the number one choice of players around the world in brick and mortar and online casinos alike.

Why does this happen to be the case?

There is no denying that other casino games like roulette and blackjack can be quite exciting in their own right. So, what it is that draws masses of players to slots besides the fact these games are very simple to play?

Designed to Attract

According to a recent research from University of Alberta, one of the biggest reasons for slots’ popularity may be hiding in the way these games are designed. All the bright colors and loud sounds these machines produce, especially when you win big, aren’t there just to impress you and those around you.

They also create a lasting memory that is likely to increase your desire to play again.

The study has also shown that visual and audio cues that are directly related to money and winning, such as the sound of coins dropping, tend to be more powerful than other types of cues. It seems that these triggers have a greater chance of creating the exact type of response the game makers and casino owners want to achieve.

It seems that people prefer these machines over others, regardless of RTP, volatility, and other important factors. Mental triggers created by these cues clearly have a very deep effect on players as they keep coming back to the games that contain such cues within their programs regardless of when and how they appear.

When it comes to Canada, the country’s Gaming Association believes 98% of Canadians gamble recreationally. In Alberta alone there are 28 casinos that serve as a home to more than 14,000 different slot machines. All of this resulted in a $2.7 billion revenue generated by gambling in the province.

Future of Slot Machines

The online gambling industry and especially its online segment has been one of the fastest-growing industries around the world. It’s not just the number of online casinos that’s been increasing, though, as game developers are constantly coming up with new ideas for their games.

Over the past decade, the gambling landscape has certainly changed a lot and we now have the ability to even play live games from the comfort of our own homes. This was hard to imagine back when first online casinos started to appear but the quick advancement of technology has made many unimaginable things quite possible.

However, when it comes to slots, they’re likely here to stay.

Video slots have been one of the main casino attractions since they had first appeared and not much has changed since. There is hardly any reason to believe that some new and different games will take over and push video slots to the side.

Like this recent study suggests (just like many before it), video slots are designed in a way to attract players and keep them coming back for more. No other casino game can create such lasting and vivid memories. Loud sounds and bright flashing lights accompanying your latest big win will always trump all the memories of less-than-stellar sessions.

Sounds themselves may change and new slots often feature fresh and different animations and visual cues to speak to the modern player. However, the fundamental principle remains the same – create a connection between the player and the game that will follow them long after they leave the casino or close their web browser.

In fact, modern slots are venturing into a brand new territory, looking to create a much deeper and more involved experience that’s more similar to the one found in classic RPG games. Players don’t just play to win or lose, they also play to advance through the game, make their characters stronger, and unlock new content.

If bright lights and sounds of coins were attractive, this will take things to a whole new level, giving players even more reason to keep coming back to a certain games as there will always be another achievement awaiting just around the corner. So, casino slots may be changing to keep up with the times, but they’re definitely not going anywhere any time soon!