T-Mobile Launches New Products for Online Gamblers

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Mobile gambling is the biggest development to hit the gambling world since it was first conceived at the turn of the century. Now, online casino operators a cell phone manufacturers are looking for ways to cash in on the trend before its too late.

T-Mobile is one of these companies. It has recently announced the launch of the new G2 mobile which will provide online gamers with ability to cruise the internet with faster speeds. This will push T-Mobile into the realm of renowned smart phone manufacturers like RIM and Apple.

While Apple iPhone runs on 4G network, T-Mobile’s new service is only a G2. However, T-Mobile phones also run on a HSPA+ network, bringing speeds up to the level of other 4G phones. Potential customers are skeptical about it, but the company assures the public that will certainly notice a difference in speed.

Internet speed certainly plays a large role in an online gambler’s consideration of where they choose to play and what devices they choose to play on. This makes the importance of internet speed a huge consideration, especially with the increasing popularity of online gambling and the number of online casino players.

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