Synergy Blue Bringing New Arcade-Style Casino Gaming to Canada

Written By Ivan P

Demands and expectations of online casino players change all the time. What used to work a decade ago is no longer as relevant as new generations of players have a different idea of what’s fun. Game developers are thus on the constant mission to understand and meet these demands to keep their content relevant. Synergy Blue is one of these developers that spends a lot of time and energy in keeping up with the flow.

Namely, the Nevada-based company has been focusing on developing arcade-style games as of late, introducing a new style of gaming that’s more akin to the one found in proper video games. They discovered that younger generations of players respond much better to this style as it is more familiar and engaging.

And, thanks to the latest content supply deal Synergy Blue has signed with Bet Rite, Casino players in Canada will soon be able to get the taste of these new products. Canadian casinos will soon start featuring some of these nostalgic arcade-style titles, providing players with a different experience they seek.

Thrill of Skill-based Gambling

Most casino games today are based solely on luck, especially when talking about electronic games like slots. Players have very little if any influence over the results, which takes away from the overall experience. While it always feels good to win, the feeling of accomplishment just isn’t there if players can’t contribute to the winning in any way.

Arcade-style games from Synergy Blue aim to change this paradigm. Their titles introduce skill elements that many players will recognize from old arcade games. So, instead of just blindly pushing buttons, players are able to take an active role in their experience and influence the outcome of a gaming round to some extent at least.

The demand for this new generation of games has been particularly present in North America, which is why entering Canadian gambling market was one of the main 2020 goals for Synergy Blue. They believe their titles will be met by a great response from players in Canada, providing them with the very experience they’ve been looking for.

Introducing the HAWG technology

Synergy Blue games are based on special, in-house developed technology named Hybrid Arcade Wager-Based Gaming – or HAWG for short. The technology blurs lines between traditional gambling and gaming, offering a completely new experience that’s likely to appeal to younger generations and experienced players alike.

Although it is a modern concept, HAWG features fairly simple game mechanics so players can easily get started with these titles. The platform is also legal in a majority of jurisdictions so operators can easily implement it and expand their offering with a range of arcade-style titles.

The company has definitely put a lot of effort and thought into creating this new breed of games and they’re banking with the players taking liking to it. If the current market is any indicator, Synergy Blue is on the right track as games from other companies featuring arcade elements, even if not skill-based, have been very well-received by the players.

Setting up the Distribution

Although the company has its own distribution platform, which will certainly help with reaching more players across Canada, Synergy Blue has also been looking to set up key partnerships with operators to make the process even smoother. The deal with Bet Rite is aimed at achieving this very goal, as it will ensure easy access and good visibility for their titles, especially with those players already familiar with Bet Rite’s offering.

Having been present on Canada’s gambling scene for over four decades, Bet Rite is an experienced and reputable company that knows how things are done. So, the content supply deal will help perfectly position Synergy Blue right from the start and will provide many opportunities for later growth and expansion.

Some of the games players from Canada will soon have access to include Mahjong, Safari Match, and Candy Ca$h. On top of this, the company will also offer a variety of poker configurations, so there is definitely a lot to look forward to. Those interested to know more about Synergy Blue products will be able to get some extra information during this year’s ICE in London, where the developer will have its stand.