Super Bowl 50 Sets Betting Record

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Compared to any other Super Bowl, more money was bet on Super Bowl 50 in the state of Nevada. The sports books Nevada stayed busy and brought a record number of the bets. According to figures from 194 licensed sports books in the state released by Nevada Gaming Control Board, shows a total of $132.5 million wagers taken from a Super Bowl 50. This beat the previous record of Super Bowl XL VII, and Station casinos reported a record handle. Besides, illegal wagers on Super Bowl 50 estimated by The American Gaming Association amount to about$4.2 billion. The $132.54 million wagers exceeded the former record of $119 million set in 2014. The $13.31 million won by the house comes to the third most Nevada’s sports books ever won on the Super Bowl

In the weeks ahead of the contest odds makers said gamblers bet heavily for Carolina Panthers. However, by Wednesday, the pendulum swung and bettors had begun to lean toward Denver and that balanced many things out. Actions were evenly splitting once the Kickoff began according to sports books report. Congratulations go to Denver Broncos for manhandling the team of destiny; they shocked odds makers and experts in the Super Bowl 50. This was a second game in the row after Denver was written off as healthy underdogs before even the game began. Nevertheless, they went against Carolina and whacked it on the head. It was plausible that Denver could prevail against Carolina in Super Bowl 50, but the win of 24-10, a total below projected 44 and 45 were virtually unforeseeable.

This year, signs pointed out that the pro bets were popular, with about 60% of the wagers coming from pro bets. In addition, for the first time, bettors took advantage of sports books bet on the Most Valuable Player. Von Miller had odds of winning the Most Valuable Player as high as 60 to 1 in some sports books. Further,. Overwhelmingly, Newton was the Most Favorite Player to win Most Valuable Player, but he failed to score and watched Von Miller a Denver Linebacker take the honor.

Since 1991, when NGC started tracking Super Bowl betting, the books had been on the losing end twice. In 2008, when the New York Giants routed the New England Patriots, and 1995 when San Diego Chargers were routed by San Francisco, thus, making the Super Bowl 50 the eighth straight winning for sports books.

According to Geoff Freeman, the CEO, and president of America Gambling Associations, Super Bowl fan want to invest in their favorite sports and in one-way or the other, they find ways to do so. The record amount wagered both illegally and legally on Super Bowl 50 give proof that sports betting has become a national pastime, Freeman said. Further, he pointed out there is a need to build support for rational and modern sports betting that protects integrity and fans of the sports that we enjoy.