Sports Bettors Have Tough Choice in 49ers-Seahawks Matchup

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The NFL season is nearing its end and playoff bound teams are in for very crucial games down the line.  One of the most important matchups will take place this weekend in Seattle as the Seahawks host their NFC West division rivals the San Francisco 49ers, in a crucial fight for top spot in the NFC West.  Experts are divided over who is the favourite, leaving sports bettors struggling to place a bet that has odds on their side.

Both teams are coming off big wins last weekend.  The Seahawks rolled into Toronto for one of the Buffalo Bills’ Toronto-home games, and dominated the game on both sides of the field.  RB Marshawn Lynch has been unstoppable, fighting his way through defensive lines and giving the Seahawks a very strong running game.  QB Russell Wilson has been having an outstanding season as he leads his team down the field with pass after pass that defensive lines have failed to keep up with.  Seattle is also undefeated at home this season – though it should be noted the temporary referees during the Green Bay game had a hand in that statistic.

Game experts agree that player to player, the San Francisco 49ers have more talent on their side than the Seahawks.  They are currently leading the NFC West Division, and are coming off a major upset win over the New England Patriots last week that should serve as motivation for them to keep riding that victory wave.  The 49ers have a strong defense on their side lead by their all-pro LB Patrick Willis, who has a reputation of stopping running games.  The crowds will be loyal to the Seahawks but the 49ers have proven they should not be underestimated.

The two teams are almost equal in their abilities, and both are fighting to take the top spot in the division.  Bookmakers have given a slight edge to the 49ers, but the strength of the Seahawks at home has been able to stand up against any visiting team.  If gamers want the odds in their favour, they had better be prepared for a difficult decision because there is no easy pick to win this game.

Division rival games are some of the most exciting in the entire NFL, and this particular matchup could be as close of a game as the Superbowl.