Solar Operations Receives Slots License from Germany

Written By Michael Whitlatch

Germany starts to regulate online gambling with new license.

Germany has a ninth online gambling license which will be operated by Solar Operations Limited. The license was granted, and the responsibility is with the Saxony-Anhalt state administration office until the government takes over at the end of this year.

Newly awarded, the license is notable for being given to a newcomer to the industry. Germany’s high online gambling tax means that most existing licenses were given to land-based casinos.

Online gambling comes to Germany.

Germany’s tight regulations on gambling have been implemented in the new legislation, which is set up with a €1 stakes limit and a 5.3% turnover tax on slots, even though licenses have been slow and haven’t been issued until earlier this year.

Mernov, a joint venture between Merkur and Novomatic, is the first company to receive a license to operate as an online gambling operator. The state of Saxony-Anhalt has since said that it has approved nine more companies but didn’t reveal their names.

Until 2023, Saxony-Anhalt’s State Administration Office is in charge of licenses for online slots and poker.

Companies are withdrawing their applications due to slow licensing progress. Unibet’s application was withdrawn, as well as eight others. Unibet withdrew due to the lack of progress and regulations in the German market.

Twenty-five online gaming operators are now awaiting trial for breaking the law by illegally hosting games in 2017. Eight hundred seventy-one websites and 148 cases of illegal gambling were investigated, while 90 cases of illegal gambling advertising were also found.

The Gambling Commission, in partnership with NCR, will enforce unlicensed gambling and block IP addresses and payments to illegal operators. They also plan to devise an early detection system for gambling harm and empower the public with a centralized complaints system.