Titan Poker Players Attend European Poker Tour

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Players registered at Titan Poker get regular chances to play in major tournaments all over the world.

In its latest move, a team of 7 players who were registered at Titan Poker were able to compete in a European Poker Tour event that was held for the first time in Italy.

The team contained players from Austria, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. These players won their seats for the Italian event at Titan Poker.

The players received prizes worth $10,000, which included the entry fee for the main event. The sum of $10,000 also included money that paid for the players stay and travel. Many players said that they were happy with their performance and the trip was an experience of a lifetime.

Daniel Walker, who lived in the United Kingdom, said that he had lost to a player called Anthony Lellouche, who according to him played well and attained the second place in the tournament. Walker added that Anthony Lellouche played well and made full use of the chips he had given him. He expressed his thanks to Titan Poker for giving him the chance to play.

Kenneth Tomming, who belonged to Denmark, was granted an opportunity at the event to play against Daniel Negreanu. Tomming has also been granted the chance to play at the Euro City Madrid tournament, which is being sponsored by Titan Poker.

The site is also sending players to the World Series of Poker matches that will be played in Las Vegas and the World Poker Showdown that will be taking place in the Dominican Republic some time later this year. If a player is interested only in internet poker and not a chance to play in these Poker tournaments, the site will be hosting a European prize of $3.6 million.

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