Sceptics Criticize Zynga’s Foray in Online Gambling

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Zynga’s financial situation is no secret. The social gaming provider has struggled publically for the past year, seeing profits decline and its stock prices drop. Zynga has presented online gambling as a solution to its financial woes, but some critics are not convinced that this will work out for the company.

What has many online gaming experts confused is how Zynga will forge a connection between online gambling and social gaming. What worked in the Facebook world for Zynga Poker may not fly in the online gambling market, as real-money players may be less likely to share information and winnings with their friends. Inherently, gambling is not a very social activity.

If this continues to be the case, Zynga will have to take a new approach, venturing away from the tactics that made its game so popular in the first place. Industry experts view this as a risky move for Zynga, especially since the market is already saturated with cookie-cutter online gambling websites, which offer similar experiences for players.

So, will Zynga sink or swim? We’ll keep you updated with developments on Zynga’s foray into the online gambling world.