Say Goodbye to Playboy Online Casino

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The Playboy online casino and poker room will be closing its doors to all players on January 29th for the final time. Opening in 2007 the online casino which is powered by Cryptologic software has confirmed that they were not able to meet the targets that were set out in the beginning and re evaluated at a later date. Unfortunately the online casino that seems to currently be operating at a loss can no longer afford to stay open.

Many online casinos that simply do not get the audience that they anticipated have faced this outcome in recent times. It is difficult for a new casino to stay on top these days with so much choice available to the gamblers on the web.

This comes at a seemingly bad time for this particular online casino as the US regulations on online gambling have been rumoured to anticipate change and so this may have been a great opportunity for an online casino with such strong branding such as Playboy to have a real chance at success in the US market if online gambling were to become legal and regulated.

Players that play at this online casino currently have many different chances to win trips to Las Vegas that are associated with the Playboy organization and this would have made for great advertising to the US public.

Until the US passes the suspected regulation many things can happen so perhaps this will not be the last we see of the Playboy poker room and online casino after all. But only time will tell.

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