Retail sports wagering has progressed Great Canadian Entertainment

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Canadians have always had a love affair with live sports. Canadians love their sports, whether cheering on the hometown teams or betting on the action. Great Canadian Entertainment (GCE) has gone all in with its retail sports wagering operation to keep up with the demand for live sports action. GCE was founded in 1981 and has become one of Canada’s leading lottery and gaming companies. Its Retail Sports Wagering arm offers customers a host of live sporting events to bet on, including MLS and NHL games, English Premier League matches, and cricket matches worldwide. 

“Great Canadian Entertainment has progressed its recent retail sports wagering project, with the official opening of its new flagship store in Toronto. The company’s president and CEO, Duncan Hannay, stated, “We are proud to have worked closely with the gaming industry and our partners in the Ontario government on this next phase of growth in Ontario’s gaming market.” Hannay went on to say that ‘[the new store] demonstrates our commitment to providing a high-quality experience for our customers and continued success in meeting provincial regulations.'”

Overview of Canadian Entertainment

Canadian Entertainment has progressed over the years, and fans can enjoy plenty of options. Whether it’s live performances, television shows, movies, or even online content, Canadian Entertainment has something for everyone.

Live Entertainment

There are plenty of live entertainment options in Canada. The country is home to many festivals, including the Toronto International Film Festival and the Montreal International Jazz Festival. There are also several significant cities with thriving music scenes, such as Toronto and Vancouver. Some of the most well-known Canadian rock bands include Rush and The Tragically Hip.

Television Shows

Canadian television shows have become popular in the world. Shows like Sherlock and House of Cards have won awards at prestigious international festivals. In contrast, other hits like Suits and Narcos have become popular Worldwide. There’s always something new on TV in Canada, whether comedy or drama.


Canada has a long history in film production, resulting in some of the best-known motion pictures being made here. Films like Star Wars and The Godfather were filmed here, and Canadians continue to produce some of the best films in the world. Movies can be watched on movie screens across Canada or streamed online using services like Netflix or Hulu.

Current Canadian Sports Wagering

The Canadian government legalized sports betting in 2017, and there has been a surge of new sportsbooks and betting platforms. However, the current landscape of Canadian sports gambling is fragmented, with no dominant provider. This lack of competition has led to high fees and low liquidity. As a result, some market analysts have predicted that the market will crash due to this lack of competition. Still, so far, there hasn’t been much evidence to support that theory. 

One significant exception is the Vancouver-based company Amaya Gaming, which dominates the Canadian online gambling market. Amaya also owns some North American sportsbook brands, including Bodog Entertainment, Bovada Entertainment Group, and 888 Holdings Inc. These brands operate in more than 20 states across the U.S., making it one of the largest online gaming companies in the world. 

Despite its large size, Amaya faces significant competition from other providers such as Montreal-based Caesars Entertainment and Toronto-based Genting Casino Corp. These companies have been investing heavily in new technology and expanding their operations into new markets where Amaya has not yet penetrated. This competitive environment should result in lower consumer fees and higher liquidity for bettors.

The Current State of Sports Wagering in Canada

In Canada, sports betting is a booming industry with many options available to bettors. While the majority of legal sports betting in Canada takes place at land-based sportsbooks, there are also a growing number of online sportsbooks that offer betting services. Additionally, Canadian players can also wager on horse and dog races and various other sporting events.

Even though sports betting is legal in Canada, there are still some limitations put in place by the government. For example, only licensed bookmakers can operate in the country, and Bettors must be 18 or older to place bets. In addition, Canadian players cannot wager more than $5,000 per day on any single event, and they are not allowed to bet on baseball or hockey games involving teams from the United States.

Despite these limitations, sports betting is one of Canada’s most popular forms of Entertainment. The popularity of sports gambling has led to the development of several reputable Canadian online sportsbooks that offer Fans access to various sporting events worldwide. These sites typically have lower fees and higher limits than their brick-and-mortar counterparts and provide better customer service. Additionally, many Canadian bookmakers offer free bets and bonuses for new customers, so it’s always worth checking out their offers before placing any bets.


If you’re looking for great Canadian Entertainment, look no further than Great Canadian Entertainment. Recently they’ve progressed their retail sports wagering by adding live betting on games as well as in-game promotions and bonuses. This makes it easier to get involved with GCE and make serious profits. So if you’re a sports fan, check out their lines today!