Resorts World: A Mega Project Underway in Las Vegas

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Resorts World Las Vegas will be a Chinese resort in Las Vegas, the sites would occupy the former Stardust resort and casino and the development of Echelon since gaming imploded stardust in the year 2007. The construction was stopped when the economic downturn of 2008 hit the world economy, including the casino industry. The project was decided to be put on hold after Genting group acquired 87 acres of land worth $350 million. This was then resumed at a later date of May, 5th 2015 upon which the construction was started, with an estimated completion date in the mid-2018. The project exhibits numerous features including an indoor water park and a panda exhibit.

Formerly, the Stardust Company was able to acquire the respective land but unfortunately, was not able to carry on with the construction as it was mothballed due to the 2008 economic rescission, resulting in the Fontainebleau project being unfinished and abandoned whereas, the project remained with the skeletal body construction.

The management of bureau plans to expand their resort and wants to build a Las Vegas global business district which would include 750,000 square feet of the new exhibit area. The total square feet of the Las Vegas convention center became 5.7 million squares and the current footprint of 3.2 million square feet, it will be completed in the next 5 to 8 years.

The strength of this project will be the seven-year-old site of Echelon, and its unique structural design, incorporating the north end of the strip being made of naked steel beams and half poured concrete. On the whole, an estimated $4 billion would be spent on the project as narrated by a Malaysia-based Genting group, including the initial $350 million spent on the acquisition of the land. For almost two years, the former Echelon site was planned for the development and construction of Resorts world Las Vegas.

It would take several years for the construction to be completed. The deadline was not mentioned for this mega project, as due to its intensity, it is expected to be completed in multiple stages with payments to be made by the stage of completion method. The Resorts world Las Vegas would in its the first phase include around 3500 slot machines and table games and would contain 3000 hotel rooms.

This project has some 5000 to 6000 hotel rooms with multiple hotels included as part of the project. On the fifth of May, finally, the wait was over, as news came regarding the work starting on the north end of the strip of the Resorts world. One day later the project was started after the closing of Riviera hotel and casino for the expansion for the Las Vegas convention center.