Report Claims Legalized Online Gambling Will Not Happen in 2012

Written By Janice Doughtrey

This week, Fitch Ratings Service released a report on online gambling in America. In it, the company went into detail as to why online poker will not be legalized before the end of 2012; however, it offers a positive outlook for the coming year.

The report cited a phenomenon called ‘political gridlock’, which has slowed down the legislation process in Washington, DC. There are plenty of politicians hoping to get plenty of bills passed, and it does not seem likely that online poker will get its big break this year.

The Republic’s platform to ban online gambling also bears negative consequences for the legalization of the activity. While the party is not in power, its platform does cause a delay. This means that online poker is not likely to be legalized before the end of this presidential term.

The report also delved into the issue of legalization at a state level. While many states have jumped at the chance to legalize online poker, federal legislation may not be far off. State-by-state legislation would lead to fragmentation of the national gambling market, and the report has claimed that the federal government is likely to want to keep everyone on the same page.