Replica 3D Online Casino To Be Launched

Written By Janice Doughtrey

There are lots of online casinos to choose from these days. There are also a handful of online casinos that are 3D. However one man will be launching his new online casino and claiming it will be the world’s first true 3D casino because it will be based on a real-life casino.

The new 3D online casino will be based off of Lucien Barrière’s real casino in Deauville which coincidentally happens to be the same casino which hosts the European Poker Tour. The company stated that players will be able to find everything online that they would in the real-life, Deauville casino.

The site will be launched at sometime in March of 2009 and will be the first online casino to be based of off a real one and is an exact replica of the French casino. Currently you can visit the site, join the beta test and check out trailers and ‘The Making Of’ videos about character development and the 3D world. The site currently has the look and feel of preview of a red carpet event where you can get a preview of the look and feel by downloading free wallpapers and even enter to win one of four VIP stays worth over $20,000! You could be heading to Cannes for a week or to Paris, Deauville or La Baule for a weekend of fun!

The company also commented on the new sites ability to provide great entertainment, genuine 3D gaming and lots of player interaction and control like creating virtual characters, walking around and talking to other players and more.

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