Reimar Koester of Germany Wins $27,500 at Titan Poker

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Reiman Koster of Germany won a large sum of money on the online poker site Titan poker days after joining the site. He won $27,500 for placing second in the $250,000 tournament. The winner had joined the site just four days prior to his win and decided to play his first tournament on the site. After playing for almost eight hours, the field had narrowed considerably, starting from over 2000 players.

The winner made it down to head-to-head action, where he lost after a bad flop took his out, leaving him thrilled to have won at the Internet gambling site. He said, “I am thrilled to have played well in my second tournament. My play at the tournament was excellent and I felt confident from the beginning.”

Titan Poker hosts the $250,000 Guaranteed every Sunday. However, seats are readily available to be won at satellite tournaments. Titan is planning a $2,500,000 event for September.

Titan Poker is the largest poker room on the iPoker network. Titan awards over $16,000,000 in prizes every month. They are the leading poker room on the iPoker network and leading software firm PlayTech develops the gaming software used by the site. Titan Poker and the iPoker network have been very successful in building a strong connection with players, and the software has an innovative and professional looking interface with colorful and attractive graphics.

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