RakeTech Group Gains Acquisition of Danish Betting Sites

Written By Janice Doughtrey

RakeTech is a European iGaming network that has registered remarkable milestones for quite some time. Very recently, the system made a significant move when they purchased online subsidiary sites, Casinoguide.dk, Pokernet.dk, and Odds.dk. Although RakeTech decided not to disclose the amount at which they acquired the websites, it is known that early this year they bought more sports gambling sites.

Their primary goal in the acquisition of these sites is to strengthen their existence in the igambling markets. Closing that deal involved clarifications because some of those sites cover other casino gaming and websites. Pokernet.dk, for instance, covers other casino gaming types, whereas Odds.dk incorporates several subsidiary websites, Bonusodds.dk, Spilforslag.eu, Blackjack.dk, Casinoguide.dk, and Sportsbonus.net.

Basics Appertaining of the Said Transactions

Michael Holmberg, RakeTech Group’s chief executive officer notably acknowledges Pokernet.dk and Odds.dk as a perfect match for them. He recognizes them as vital assets in the promotion of their market presence. Michael goes on to assure that they are devoted to enriching their users with useful information regarding poker, sports, and Danish and casino deals. The content they provide is of unique quality, which is an aspect that attracts users from various locations. Remember great content is what everyone wants when visiting your site. There is no better way to grant them justice than to offer them the information they are in dire need of.

Aspects Maintaining RakeTech Group Ahead of the Curve

RakeTech continues to thrive amid competition because of investing in the right iGames. Their assets are appealing to their client-base, something that makes its prevalence expand on a daily basis. Thankfully, they have done what it takes to remain at par it the millennial markets. The Danish associate markets appreciate RakeTech as among those top in the list. From the statement made by their CEO when announcing the acquisition of the other websites, they proved to be committed to propping up their content to refine their portfolio. They are also in the process of organically boosting their growth through updating great substance.


In a nutshell, persons seeking to venture in iGaming are on the lookout for the most dependable sites. Precisely, information forms the future of the betting markets. With streaming websites, gamers are made to be on the sweet receiving end. You do not want to invest your quality time behind the screen and eventually land on the rough end. Liaising with RakeTech Group through their portfolio is the sure way to screw the deals. Do not gamble with your source of information in this cause. Allow every of your dollar and minute to count. Lucky you if you are to opt for RakeTech, where you are their priority.
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