Rafael Nadal Joins Team Poker Stars

Written By Janice Doughtrey

A growing trend in the poker world is having professional sports players join online poker websites. Team Sports Stars is PokerStars’ division of sponsored professional poker players who are also professional athletes. The gold medallist and eleven-time Grand Slam winner will be the latest addition to the team, and he is looking forward to his partnership with the online poker website.

In his spare time, professional tennis player enjoys playing a few hands of poker. He is known for being quite talented in the poker world as well as in the tennis world; so, it seemed like a natural fit for PokerStars to team up with Nadal.

“Rafael Nadal represents all that is great about competition; the mix of talent, intellect, dedication and mental strength that you find in champions in every sport,” says Mark Scheinberg of PokerStars.

Nadal will be playing online at PokerStars over the summer. During the fall, he will be playing in Team PokerStars events along with other pros. He will also be making appearances in advertisements and at charity poker events.

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