Quebec’s BTV Social Game Developer to Officially Launch Facebook-Based Pink Martini Casino

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Pink Martini Casino the Facebook-based social casino games created by Black Tie Ventures (BTV) will officially launch as a full-fledged social casino games provider in the first quarter of 2015, targeting mainly women social gamers. This was announced by Quebec gaming pioneers David and Ron Weiser who founded BTV with the help of angel investors.

David Weiser, announced that BTV will invest as much as CA$7.5 million in Quebec City’s local market in seeing to the development and launch of the Pink Martini Casino project. The online social casino will incorporate the multiple revenue streams that will make the multi-million dollar venture financially rewarding for BTV’s creative developers and angel investors. Weiser touts the social casino project as the “largest independent gaming investment project in Quebec,” from which they expect to realize revenue of more than CA$150 million in the next three years, because of the rapid growth acceleration in social gaming at Facebook and in mobile gaming.

Actually, only the Pink Martini Casino social casino prototype was launched and market-tested in the Facebook gaming platform. Yet it has performed beyond the startup company’s expectations; therefore validating BTV’s business model for social casino gaming. The results demonstrated the site’s ability to acquire players at a cost lower than projected, as well the capability to adapt the social gaming concept for monetization goals.

Weiser takes pride in their achievement, stating that BTV was able to close the two financing deals that allowed them to build and run the Pink Martini Casino prototype in less than seven months. Currently, the Quebec-based social gaming company is working on another round of major financing deal, in preparation for the product launch and promotions of Pink Martini Casino in the first quarter of 2015.

BTV ‘s intended target audience are the women gamers because the present demographics of the gaming population shows that women players in the social casino market now, represent 60 percent of the social gamers. In fact, separate research studies show that adult women over 18 is now the largest demographic in the gaming industry at 36 percent, while adult male gamers came in second at 35 percent.

The Pink Martini Casino offers social casino slot games that are playable and enjoyable with the use of virtual coins that are obtainable at the website, and which players can also purchase using real cash.  The virtual coins reaped as rewards from the social slot games can be used to further one’s slot playing engagement and for purchasing virtual goods; and are in no way cashable or redeemable as real money.

About the Founders of Black Tie Venture      

Black Tie Venture is a social casino games development company founded in 2013 by interactive gaming entertainment veterans David and Ron Weiser. David Weiser, the CEO of BTV, has been the recipient of three Young Entrepreneur Awards bestowed separately and respectively by Arista-Sunlife, the Development Bank of Canada and the Quebec Chamber of Commerce. His vast experience in games development was acquired from his professional stints at major gaming companies like Hasbro, Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Frima Studios and Woozworld, which is just to mention a few.

Ron Weiser the Chief Operating Officer of BTV has been managing several award-winning interactive studios and a number of multi-million dollars worth projects for companies like IC Axon and CineGroupe Interactive.