PokerStars Optimistic About American Gambling Market

Written By Janice Doughtrey

It has been over a year since PokerStars made its grand exit from the American online gambling market. Now that the company seems to have cleared its name, PokerStars seems to be interested in getting back into the market by obtaining state license; however, the online poker room is likely to have some trouble polishing its now tarnished reputation.

According to recent reports, executives at PokerStars have announced that they are optimistic about their chances of being able to re-enter the American online gambling market once legislation is passed. Representing the company, Eric Hollreiser has stated that the American government agrees that PokerStars committed no wrongdoing, which will fare well in his company’s favour when it comes to applying for licenses.

Unfortunately for PokerStars, state politicians do not see things the same way – especially in Nevada. Local politicians in Nevada previously worked with PokerStars to lobby for online gambling legislation, but the company was dishonest about its relationship with the federal government and the Department of Justice. With Nevada being one of the states that it closest to enacting online gambling legislation, PokerStars may be in some trouble if the company wants to get in from the ground up.